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"Thank you, Lone Star Skynyrd for keeping the Skynyrd music alive. We appreciate you!"

- Johnny Van Zant

Where were you when you first heard the irresistible opening bars of Sweet Home Alabama? 

A proud, hardworking, hell-raising American rock & roll band, Lynyrd Skynyrd achieved superstardom with a trio of astounding guitarists, a smokin' rhythm section and feel-good Southern-fried anthems that thrilled audiences around the world. 


Sweet Home Alabama. Gimme Three Steps. Simple Man. Tuesday’s
Gone. That Smell. You Got That Right. And a little tune you may have heard: Free Bird. These were rock classics long before Classic Rock.


Skynyrd’s success didn’t come from costumes or facepaint, but through astounding musicianship. The original Skynyrd is gone, but their music remains as fresh and compelling as ever. That’s why a group of us longtime Texas musicians is dedicated to faithfully recreating that high-energy Skynyrd concert experience: the award-winning Lone Star Skynyrd. Bringin’ the stomp and swagger and all the crowd-pleasing musical chops of Ronnie and the boys to your stage.

Your crowd is sure to sing along, dance, and sway to a celebration of the original Skynyrd rock ‘n’ roll legacy. Winners of the prestigious 2022 Josie Award for Best Tribute band in America: Lone Star Skynyrd. More than a tribute. More than a good time party. Book us now. You Got That Right!



America’s #1 Tribute Band, Lone Star Skynyrd, Honors their Idols

By Jim Haurylko from Meteorite Marketing



Exactly Like the Record

Our brotherhood of longtime Texas musicians is dedicated to faithfully recreating the high-energy concert experience of the original Lynyrd Skynyrd, whose unique blend of country, blues, boogie and British rock & roll defined Southern Rock and Classic Rock.    We feature three blazing guitarists, a rock solid rhythm section and powerful lead vocals along with distinctive female harmonies, all delivering the iconic Skynyrd classics that make every show a good time party for all.

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"I know the genius of Ronnie Van Zant would’ve created hundreds more of the greatest rock songs of all time. He willed the band together, kept `em together and drove them to the top. I’m grateful just to sing his honest lyrics that pack such a punch. He talked about country values, protecting the environment and keeping guns out of the wrong hands long before anybody else. He was all about living with gratitude and havin’ a good ol’ time. I’m here because I want to keep his phenomenal music alive for fans of all ages."

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“Gary Rossington has been the last rebel, for sure. He invented his signature bluesy, crunchy sound on his Les Paul guitar, the one he named Berniece after his momma. Always had a deep tone and he made those humbuckers squeal. And a helluva slide player. He never overplayed anything. No doubt, Gary's rightfully earned his place in rock history. I’m proud to replicate his bluesy groove on all those songs he co-wrote with Allen and Ronnie.”




“That mighty, righteous wallop of Burns or Pyle on the skins still goes right through me. The way they meshed with Leon and were tighter than tight as a unit. Every Skynyrd song’s got that rhythm that won’t let you go. When I’m up there under the lights, I think of what they created and how those records all still kick it hard. It's a privilege for me to be a part of recreating that timeless music with our own great players on stage.”




“As a classically trained pianist, I appreciate the challenge of learning the legendary Billy Powell piano parts. He infused his classical training with a boogie-woogie piano style that rivaled the Skynyrd 3-guitar attack.

Billy's playing is physical, muscular and very articulate. Any less of a player would've been swallowed up by the Skynyrd guitar sound. Learning Billy's piano parts has been the most challenging music I have ever attempted. What an indescribable player. I am dedicated to bring to the stage my best attempt at the classic Lynyrd Skynyrd library that we are all so fond of.

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“A lot of folks don’t know the legendary Skynyrd guitarists Ed King and Steve Gaines had the same birth date. As far as players, they were both extraordinary, but in different ways. Ed said playing like Gaines was ‘damn near impossible.’ But Ed co-wrote so many Skynyrd classics from ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ to ‘Saturday Night Special.’ Every time we’re on stage, I’m paying homage to two limitless guitarists and blending my parts with the rest of the guys. We give our all to make these Skynyrd tunes rock the house and bring out the party in the people at our shows. We love to watch the crowds singin' and dancin' the whole night long."



Fortune Phoenix

The melodies in Lynyrd Skynyrd songs are so powerful and memorable that the music can sometimes be overlooked. For instance, in "Gimme Three Steps," the riffs are so intricate and very specific with incredible attention to detail. "Simple Man" is another song with a bass line that is just so unique and often overlooked because the vocal melody is so powerful.  Take a listen to the isolated bass track on that one and you will see what I mean.  Ed King actually played the bass on those two songs and most of the first album.  Leon Wilkeson took over from there and his walking bass lines on "I Know A Little" and "Whiskey Rock-a Roller" are the definition of playing “in the pocket,’ as it's called.  All of the songs were recorded within a short five-year period and even fifty-plus years later, I still marvel at just how good this stuff sounds.  It is pure joy holding down the low end to these songs and serving the Great Spirit of Rock ’n Roll.



Emanuele Moretti

“It’s no secret that the sounds Allen Collins coaxed out of his Gibson guitars were all one of a kind. His solos were legendary and what a genius rhythm player. I mean he wrote the music to ‘Free Bird’ as a teenager. He attacked his strings on his Gibson Explorer on ‘Gimme Three Steps,’ his Firebird on ‘Free Bird’ and his solid body Fying V. He played like nobody else. I’m just honored to recreate his music and interweave his melodies into the other guitars and rhythm.”

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